Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Archived for the universe...

As you may notice I am not updating this site.

I will leave it here as a record of the past.  To live a benign existence with all the other old and untouched websites and blogs around the world.

Who knows, maybe I'll updated it again some day.  Maybe not.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Frosty's Custom foregrip for the A5 paintball marker.

Being a 3D modeller, sculptor and designer of things, I decided one day to build myself a new foregrip for my paintball marker. I've been wanting to build stuff like this for a long time and this was a great way to start. I'm constantly coming up with interesting little add-on's for my paintball gear and this is one of my favourite designs. I hope this blog inspires you to build your own custom parts for your paintball gear!

This blog is the online record of bits I am building. It's fairly empty around here as I've spent lots of time working while trying to put this blog together. You'll have to be satisfied with what's here as I'm just a busy guy with nary a moment to indulge in my online blogging!

I'm running a fairly stock Tippman A5. It's always been a great marker for me and I've never had a problem with it. All in all the A5 has been fairly reliable. The only thing that I never really liked with the A5 was the stock grip. I realize it's design is based on the MP5 but I never really liked the look of the real-steel versions vertical grip either. It's a bit long, not so dynamic looking and I've always felt that it was too compact (close to the trigger frame) which doesn't give me lots of leverage to keep the marker steady while lining up a bead on a target.

I tried out a number of different grips but couldn't find anything that was quite what I was looking for. So I built my own!
Here it is:

The foregrip has gone through over 40 man hours of design and development work. I completed all of the work myself.

My custom foregrip is based on a combination of different real world concepts including:
hand ergonomics, anti-fatigue, balance, leverage, compactness and mechanical simplicity.

I wanted the grip to be usable by a particular type of player, ME!. One that was smarter than the spray and pray amateurs that frequent most rental fields.

It's for players that don't shoot until they've actually got a shot! Players that like to prefer to hit their targets BEFORE reloading a 200 round hopper! My grip gives me a more solid hold of my marker while allowing me to get low to the ground and the wider hand position gives me more leverage and better aim. Of course your aim is totally up to you! Not as easy with your hand on the stock vertical grip or just grabbing onto barrel or little "nub" on the front of the A5 receiver halves. Which leads me to another reason I made the grip. I really don't like the little "nub" on the front of the A5 so I covered it up!

If I'm inclined to lie prone, my new grip is perfect for that too.

If I use a gas-through magazine on my A5, most of, if not all air-through designs will work with the grip as it's mounted far forward. The grip requires the use of the stock A5 foregrip bolt and mounting hole, therefore if I need any other gear that requires the use of that forward mounting point, it needs to be removed in order to use that mounting point.

I also designed it to work with the existing mounting bolt from the stock A5 grip WITHOUT the lock washer. All I do is pop out the bolt, remove the lock washer and insert the bolt into the grip. It's a tight fit but it works well and hasn't become loose in a game yet.

Thanks for reading. "happy tagging"

Jeff, AKA Frosty, is a sculptor, designer 3D modeller and avid paintballer.